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04 September 2007 @ 11:53 pm
Plaaaay iiiiiit...plaaaay iiiiit...  
Ho boy...

I've just finished playing what has to be the most amazingly wonderful freeware fantasy adventure game I've ever downloaded, and even though it has abused my brain in a number of ways, I have to play it again. Why? Because this is also one of the most nonlinear games I've grappled with, and there are dozens of alternate solutions and sidequests that I haven't explored yet. I think some adventure gamers must have masochistic tendencies...why else do we put ourselves through such pain in order to achieve pleasure?

Despite the simple graphics and lack of voice acting, this game has one of the most intricate, multilayered storylines I've encountered in an adventure game. The 2D brackgrounds are also reminiscent of classic Sierra/LucasArts adventures, and the sneaky references to those games amused me to no end ("You don't want to climb down the well. There may be a dragon down there!").

To those of you who were having trouble completing Area 50.5, you might want to avoid this game, for it leaves the former in the dust, not only in extreme difficulty, but everything else, and to all adventure gamers who enjoy games in the fantasy genre, this is truly worth the download:

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

On a somewhat unrelated note, I suddenly feel motivated enough to start work on several projects that have been on hold for months -- I was recently up the entire night working on a fanfic. It's as if being out of town and away from the computer for a week has caused my creativity to accumulate and is now finally being released.